Eating on the run ...


Today's tasty soup.6.50€

Rillettes of duck with roasted bread.9.50€

Plank with meat cuts of the Ardennes .12€   Supp. Fries.2.50€


Starters ...

Mushrooms on toast, poached egg and Abbey cheese .13€

Shrimp croquettes .13.50€

Twelve snails in parsley butter.14€

Terrineofthe momentand from the season, chutney, toast.14.50€

Dombes quail foam , candiedonionswith honey, grilled toasts15.50€

Marinated salmon leaves, sour cream with herring caviar.18€


From the fishpond ....

Oysters from Normandy on ice 6-14€ /9-19€

Whole Canadian lobster (300-400 gr) grilled with herbs.30€


Mains ...

Beef tartare prepared by the Chef, fries, seasonal salad .18€

Dumplings grated with Orval cheese, and a good sauce that goes with it.16.50€

Vol-au-vent with mushrooms and bacon.17€

Our river trout with beurre blanc and watercress.17€

Poultry tournedos with truffle juice.20€


And hop on the Grill & Plancha ...

Skewer with shrimp and aioli sauce.19€

Famous burger "N4".18€

Rib steak, housemade fries and salad.22€

Tenderloin, housemade fries and salad.28€

Choice of sauce (pepper, bearnaise, mushrooms)


In case of large crowd, we offer a reduced menu to serve you better


Cooking is an art, and all art requires patience ......